At CT Agro Nigeria Limited, we specialize in palm oil production, offering comprehensive services to support the palm oil industry in Nigeria.

Palm Oil

With our deep knowledge, modern techniques, and commitment to sustainability, we are dedicated to producing high-quality palm oil while contributing to the region’s economic development.

Oil Palm Seedlings and Plantation Establishment:

We provide superior-quality oil palm seedlings to farmers and agribusinesses looking to establish oil palm plantations. Our seedlings are carefully selected and cultivated to ensure healthy growth and high-yielding palm trees. We offer guidance and support throughout the plantation establishment process, helping our clients make informed decisions regarding site selection, land preparation, planting techniques, and proper agronomic practices.

Palm Oil

Sustainable Farm Management:

We promote sustainable and environmentally responsible palm oil production practices. Our agronomists and agricultural experts offer comprehensive farm management services, including soil analysis, nutrient management, pest and disease control, and efficient irrigation systems. We strive to optimize productivity while minimizing the ecological impact, ensuring the long-term viability and sustainability of oil palm plantations.

Palm Oil Processing and Refining:

With our state-of-the-art palm oil processing facilities, we ensure that the palm fruit is efficiently processed and the oil is extracted with utmost care. Our advanced technology and rigorous quality control measures guarantee that the produced palm oil meets the highest industry standards. We also offer refining services to enhance the quality and value of palm oil, meeting the specific requirements of various industries and customers.

palm oil

Supply Chain and Market Access:

CT Agro Nigeria Limited has a well-established supply chain network that allows us to transport and distribute palm oil products efficiently. We have built strong relationships with domestic and international buyers, ensuring a reliable market for our clients’ palm oil. Our market access services help connect producers with potential buyers, facilitating the sale and export of palm oil, and maximizing market opportunities.

Research and Development:

We continually invest in research and development initiatives to improve palm oil production methods, enhance product quality, and explore new technologies. By collaborating with industry experts and research institutions, we stay at the forefront of innovation in palm oil production. Our R&D efforts aim to optimize yield, reduce environmental impact, and address industry challenges, ensuring the long-term sustainability and competitiveness of our clients’ palm oil operations.

At CT Agro Nigeria Limited, we are proud to be a leading player in the palm oil industry. Our services encompass the entire value chain, from plantation establishment to processing, refining, and market access. We are committed to partnering with palm oil producers and stakeholders, providing them with the expertise, resources, and support necessary to thrive in this dynamic sector.

Contact us today to explore how our palm oil production services can help you achieve your goals and contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s palm oil industry.