CT Agro Nigeria Limited is dedicated to specializing in goat and sheep production, offering comprehensive services and expertise to support livestock farmers and agribusinesses in this important sector.

goat and sheep farm

With our extensive knowledge, modern farming techniques, and commitment to excellence, we are committed to maximizing goat and sheep production while contributing to the livestock industry of Nigeria.

  1. Quality Breeding Stock: We provide a high-quality breeding stock of goats and sheep known for their genetic potential, adaptability to Nigerian conditions, and desirable traits such as good conformation, high fertility, and excellent meat or milk production. Our breeding stock is carefully selected and sourced from reputable breeders, ensuring the establishment of healthy and productive herds for our clients.
  2. Livestock Management: At CT Agro Nigeria Limited, we offer comprehensive support and guidance for goat and sheep management. Our team of experts provides assistance in animal housing, nutrition planning, breeding management, and health care protocols. We prioritize animal welfare, implementing best practices to promote optimal growth, reproductive performance, and overall herd health.
  3. Feed and Nutrition: We understand the critical role of nutrition in the success of goat and sheep production. CT Agro Nigeria Limited provides customized feed and nutrition programs tailored to the specific needs of goats and sheep. Our nutritionists analyze feed ingredients, develop balanced diets, and provide guidance on optimal feeding practices to ensure healthy growth, efficient feed conversion, and superior meat or milk production.
  4. Breeding Programs and Genetic Improvement: We are committed to promoting genetic improvement in goat and sheep production. CT Agro Nigeria Limited offers breeding programs that focus on selective breeding, performance evaluation, and genetic selection to enhance desirable traits in herds. Our aim is to improve meat quality, milk production, disease resistance, and overall productivity, ensuring that farmers have access to superior genetics for their livestock operations.
  5. Market Access and Value Addition: CT Agro Nigeria Limited recognizes the importance of market access and value addition for goat and sheep producers. We leverage our extensive network and market linkages to connect farmers with reliable buyers, both locally and internationally. Additionally, we provide guidance on value-addition opportunities, such as meat processing, dairy production, and by-product utilization, enabling farmers to diversify their income streams and maximize the value of their livestock products.

At CT Agro Nigeria Limited, we are committed to the success of goat and sheep farmers. Through our specialized services, expertise, and market support, we aim to empower farmers to achieve higher productivity, improve profitability, and contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s livestock industry.

Contact us today to learn more about how our expertise in goat and sheep production can benefit your livestock operations. We look forward to partnering with you on your journey to success.